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World Language Fall Workshop September 2015

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To upload documents that you are willing to share, use this shared folder on Google: WL Workshop Sharing.

 Documents from Joseph Dzeidzic

CI Teachers - Joseph's web site

Training and Learning Opportunities

iFLT/NTPRS/CITeaching on Facebook

TPRS Teachers - website for teachers

Fluency Fast - training for teachers, too

Fluency Matters - webinars, materials, etc.

TPRStorytelling - webinars (some free), classes and more

CI Teachers - subscription with curriculum for Levels 1 - 4

Denver Public School - videos from the classroom of CI teachers

 Ideas and Resources

Hispanic Heritage Month
20 movies you can stream for free from PBS

TPRS and the  Common Core

      ¿Puedo usar mi celular?
      El fin de semana

TEESP - program we created for elementary... but might work for free reading resources.. especially 5th and 6th levels.

Martina Bex - Movie Talk

Carol Gaab - books and free materials

Bryce Hedstrom - lots of resources

Some videos: free videos for culture
Alina Filipescu - high energy, using students actors in a story demo
CarPark video- here's a story by Karen Rowan, includes subjunctive forms

Backseat Linguist - Research on language acquisition

Dr. Krashen - articles, research on language education

Jan's YouTube Channel - video are sorted into categories

7 verbs to focus on