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Tools for Online Language Learning

NILA 2020 - Presentation Folder with all of the docs and forms demonstrated in the session. Please make a copy and move to your own Google Drive.

 Templates and Tools    

El calendario - interactive calendar for calendar talk 

Template - Google student form

Lesson Plan - El zoo y las mascotas - in progress

OWI Teacher Google Form - use to guide creation of OWI with students
OWI Teacher and Student Jamboard - use to guide creation or have students add votes/ideas
Add movie

Folder with all presentation examples
Online Tools Shared in Presentation

Padlet - first 5 pads free, $8/month for unlimited. This link includes referral for Jan (for every 3 who sign up, she gets 1 more pad).

Jamboard - Free as part of Google, similar to Padlet. See example below.
    Additional background designs - make a copy to your Drive

Canva - Creativity tool, presentations, flyers, etc. with photos, graphics, design tools included. Teachers can get a free pro account.
    Example of short video (no sound) of story created in Canva.

PearDeck - Short how-to video on getting started.
    Spreadsheet of decks created by teachers.

E-Lit App - subscription from CI Liftoff ($199/yr) with leveled texts
 Other Tools

Virtual Classroom - Trip Around the World

Google Slides and Poll Everywhere - tutorial video - as a tool in Google Slides, use for grouping students, interactive polls, brainstorming, quick quizzes, feedback and more

Timers - variety of timers embedded in Google Slides
Timers - more timers embedded in Slides - free whiteboard for students and teacher

AWW Board - virtual whiteboard for use online

Turn PDF's into fillable worksheets - how to video

EZ TechGuide - dozens of how to short videos on using online tools

Current time in words - select Spanish


Elimina Uno - instructions given for in-class but could be adapted to online

Drag and drop coins - unlimited number of coins

Gimkit hack - save a text as a screenshot to upload
 Some cultural links

Día de los muertos - celebration in Atlanta    

Most dangerous ways to school - set of youtube videos

Origin of Caesar Salad - article and short video (Tijuana)

Grito de independencia - in front of empty zocalo

8 Hispanic Heritage Month - documentaries

14 Kid friendly movies to encourage discussion about race equality

Quiet Brain Breaks - finger plays and short breaks

How to split screen on a Chromebook

EPIC E-Book of Web Tools & Apps - includes how-to's

Create a character - sites to create story characters

TPR Verb motions - video

AWW Board - link to try it out... feel free to mess around on this one