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Spring 2020 Workshop

Survey 2020 - please take asap

Notes from workshop with Stephanie Call, NDE, WL Standards

Raising the Bar - Powerpoint shared by Stephanie during workshop

ESU #16 Activities by Standard - collaborative session on standards - spreadsheet with activities listed

World Language Week - includes links to Distinguished Scholars in WL, printables, career materials.

    Martina Bex - 10 Days of Lesson Plans for COVID-19 school closure, can be electronic or printed out. FREE!
    Quarantine Choice Board - ideas 
    Free E-learning and Lesson plans - from Carol Gaab, Fluency Matters

Tina Hargaden's Year at a Glance for Stepping Stones  - Tina has weekly FB question and answer, coaching sessions, and shares lesson plans by the week on CI Liftoff site.

Local information:
  •     Justo Concert - October 2020
  •     Fall and Spring Workshops 2020-2021???
  •     World Language Distance Learning Cadre - our DL Cadre has created a web site WLDL Resources based on the Level 1 and 2 Scope and Sequence that ESU #16 teachers adapted from Denver Public Schools a few years ago. This Resource site includes resources to help DL Spanish teachers find and use CI resources. The site is still under development, but feel free to view and use any resources. Also, please contact Jan if you have resources that are useful for DL teachers.
  •    PLC ESU #16 "Why Learn a Language?" web site - our ESU #16 PLC World Language teachers set a goal for the year to share and develop resources to help our students better understand the value of a second language. The web page includes links to resources AND access to our videos. We have interviewed local community members in our small communities about their knowledge and use of a second language in their lives and work. There will be a composite video posted soon, and we will continue with interviews and post those videos as they are completed.
  •     Note on copyright -- TPT, EdPuzzle, etc. 
  •     Applegate grants and NEA Foundation grants - use for expenses to attend iFLT, NTPRS or Tina Hargaden's summer workshops
  • TEESP - Elementary lessons we created with FLAP grant 2010