Format for subtitles

To add English subtitles, use the following formatting in TextEdit on a Mac or Notepad on Windows. Be sure to save with .srt extension and that it is in UTF-8 format.
To add Spanish subtitles, you can use the Spanish site: BUT, you will need to change your system language to Spanish (it automatically defaults to the language it detects) AND I also switched browsers and set up a second account with a different login so that it wouldn't default back to the English version. Just copy or type the Spanish in place of the English subtitles.  The time code refers to when the subtitle appears to when it disappears: hour, minute, second, thousandths of a second. Pretty much you'll just use the minute and seconds parts, so you can leave the hour and thousandths places as 0 (Example, you want subtitle to start at 5 seconds into the video and end at 15 seconds: 00:00:05,000 --> 00:00:15,000).

00:00:00,599 --> 00:00:04,160
ALICE: Hi, my name is Alice Miller and this is John Brown

00:00:04,160 --> 00:00:06,770
JOHN: and we're the owners of Miller Bakery.

00:00:06,770 --> 00:00:10,880
>> ALICE: Today we'll be teaching you how to make
our famous chocolate chip cookies!

00:00:10,880 --> 00:00:16,700
[intro music]

00:00:16,700 --> 00:00:21,480
Okay, so we have all the ingredients laid out here