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NILA 2016 ¡Sé cheveré with Sr. Wooly!

The web site of James Wooldridge, aka Señor Wooly, contains engaging videos that students love. These videos and accompanying supplemental materials help ensure natural language acquisition where students MUST understand what they are hearing, hear it a lot (lots of repetitions), and find it interesting. Through the online assignments (called nuggets) students get more repetitions while listening to and watching portions of the videos to answer questions.

But is much more than just videos. Sr. Wooly has included catchy songs (with lyrics and activities), and has supplemented each video with cloze activities, fill-in-the-blank, matching exercises and more. Some videos also include lecturas - embedded readings for different levels and to build students' reading levels.

Some of Sr. Wooly's videos are available on Youtube. But the best experience is on his website.

A one-year basic subscription is $35 and includes the music and videos. A PRO subscription for $75 per year adds student accounts, management of nuggets (online assignments) by class and by student, and supplemental materials. Contact James Wooldridge through the contact form on the web site to ask about discounts for multiple teachers from the same school.