Reading Activities List

Options for Reading 

Silent reading - great with student created stories projected for all

Translation reading - teacher reads aloud in English while students follow in the text in the target language, pauses and repeats a word in English several times, students circle or highlight the word in the target language

Teacher reads - aloud to the class with feeling and emotion

Volleyball Reading - S1 reads first sentence in TL, S2 translates the same sentence, then switch.

Choral Translation - Class reads aloud in L1 as teacher points to text on screen.

Embedded Reading - Easy version, add details to create 3 or 4 expanded versions. 

Action word - Groups of students have an action to do when they hear a specified word in the text.

TPR Reading - As teacher reads, student sign the gestures for all the terms that have one.

Reading from the back - Teacher reads review text from screen from back of the room, students turn to face teacher, discuss story while reading.

Sentence Search - Teacher reads a sentence in English, or shows a picture; student search for appropriate sentence in TL. 

Reader's Theatre - Students act out scenes with action or dialogue.

Jump into the Space! - Teacher reads  from screen, then pauses to have students supply an answer (not just what's on the screen, but other possible words or phrases that fit, but change the story a bit).

Dictation - Teacher dictates sentences from a familiar story as students write.

Retell with the artist's work - Use a student artist to create a drawing while reading a story, then use the art work to retell the story.

Scramble Reading - Scramble the order of the story; student have to re-order it correctly. 
Reading Activities List

Running Dictation - great for review, teams race to find review sentences, write them down and recreate the story or text

Kindergarten Day - reading aloud to students

Human Sentences - each student is given a sentence from the story, have to form a line so the sentences are in order of the story's events

FVR - Free Voluntary Reading - students select own reading for daily sessions

Word Clouds as a Source of Comprehensible Input - 10 ways to use word clouds

    WordItOut- easy to use cloud generator

Freeze Frame: student depict several scenes from a story or novel by 'freezing' the action

Go Fish - using scene cards in variety of games 

Es Posible Board Game -  good for review, students decide if statements about a text are possible or not, move a game piece on the board

Story Towers:  students rewrite events, descriptions from a story on cards, then construct a tower with the card, and other games using the cards

Smash Doodles -  Students find important lines and ideas in a text and create a work of art. Examples from the novel Vida y Muerte en la Mara la Salvatrucha.