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NILA 2018 - Awesomeness of Reading


 Using novels and other texts in classResources for reading
Are My Students Ready to Read This Book? - Martina Bex guide to selecting the right text for students.

The Story's Done, But Class Isn't Over - Activities for retells

How Should I Use Novels in Class? - information on using novels in class

Fluency Matters, Teaching a Novel? Spice It Up! - ideas for teaching a novel

Minilessons for Reader's Workshop - some goals to help students become readers

What to do when teaching a reader is failing? - ideas on how to students more engaged when reading.

Focus on Reading Project - A blog created by teachers in ESU #16, includes pre-reading, while reading, and post-reading activities for class novels, with a BreakoutEDU game. 

Mis clases locas, Mix it Up! Reading TPRS Novels in Class - Plans and ideas for teaching novels, including: Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro, Esperanza, Robo en la Noche, Felipe Alou, La Llorona de Mazatlán, La Calaca Alegre, Tumba, Cajas de Cartón.

Leveled Novels for Language Classes - A Google shared database of novels in multiple languages with information about the novel and where to order. 

Misterios en la clase de español - over 20 short (1 page) mystery stories to solve

Current events (paid subscription) and FREE fiction Revista Literal (written by students, edited by Martina Bex)

Fluency Matters E-Course Novels - Carol Gaab has several e-books with online activities for students

Great Story Reading Project - part of an initiative started by Dr. Krashen, teachers contribute stories in many languages at several reading levels.

Collect your students' illustrated stories in binders each year to build a library that will interest your incoming students.

Reading A - Z - Downloadable books in several languages.

Create your own interactive stories (or have students do so) using Google Slides.

Ask your school or public librarian for 'wordless' books; use the pictures to tell a story with students.

 ETC. Research on the effectiveness of reading

How Comprehensible Must a Text Be? Marcos Benevides - Illustration of how unknown words affect reading fluency

Donalyn Miller, I've Got Research. Yes, I Do. - research on free reading

Dr. Stephen Krashen web site - list of articles on reading

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