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Spring Workshop - March 5, 2018 with Mark Mallaney

Workshop Feedback Survey - please complete at end or tonight.

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 NDE World Languages News
NDE World Languages - Stephanie Call,  World Language Education Specialist
   A plan to review and update WL standards is under way.
   World Language Review newsletter - February 2018

NILA/IWLA Learning Challenge for teachers - participate in a variety of professional development opportunities, earn a certificate or reduced fees to NILA.
  Resources for class:

Digital Stories (Martina Bex) - created by teachers with student responses to build more stories

Great Reading Project, Stories First (Dr. Krashen) - free story wiki

Newsela - news articles in Spanish

Si fueras tú - interactive series about 17 -year old girl, students/class can call to vote on her next move

Tween Tribune - articles in Spanish, various levels

Reading A to Z - online books, can be printed for beginners

Ultimate list of movies for class - list of movies for different levels
  Teacher resources

Classroom jobs - From Profe Peplinski

ACTFL - 2012 Proficiency Guidelines PDF
ACTFL - Can-Do Statements

A Simple Subjunctive Trick - how to work in subjunctive phrases from day 1

Pixar offers free online lessons in storytelling
Comprehensible Online - online conference, March 24 - April 15, watch and rewatch webinars, register by March 15th for discount

NILA Conference 2017 - October 5 & 6 Schoo Middle School, LIncoln
NILA Professional Learning Challenge - rolled out Oct 28 at NILA

CCFLT 2018 - Feb. 8 - 10, 2018, Loveland, CO

iFLT Conference 2018 - July 2018, Cincinnati

NTPRS Conference 2018 - July 2018, Boston  
 Facebook posts or groups

Video of 3rd year students in discussion with teacher
 Notes and slides from Mark Mallaney

Google Folder - Slide Show and documents from Mark

Story created in workshop - embedded readings