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Fall Workshop 2014

 Workshop LInks
Workshop Documents
Padlet - CI
Song, Chants and rhymes from workshops
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 Contrasting Curriculum Flower

MovieTalk - Martina Bex

Pinterest page Martina Bex - lots of cool ideas, jokes, etc.

Menos - Más poster - use for New Year's Resolutions

Bandera video by the Colombian band Aterciopelados

Song vidoes that tell a story

Bandera por Aterciopelados

La historia de Juan por Juanes
     Cloze lyrics and followup

Ideas from "Drama Techniques in Language Learning, by Alan Maley and Alan Duff (newer version available on
Summary of selected ideas

Dr. Krashen on language acquisition - We acquire language when we UNDERSTAND it.

 World Language Classroom Resources

The Comprehensible Classroom - on Facebook, lesson plans, activities and more for CI classrooms
From Confesiones y realidades blog