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Fall Workshop 2018 - Focus on Reading

Our goal:
To create a set of pre-reading, during-reading, post-reading activities for teachers to use when using a novel with a class. One post activity must be a BreakoutEDU game.

1. Please use this Novels in Class Template to create your own project. Please make a copy of the template before you fill it in. Please make sure it is in your account.

2. When finished, we will be sharing the novels project to a WordPress site. We should be able to copy and paste the text from the Novels in Class Template directly into the Word Press.You have 'author' access to add a new post and post your project. Our website is:    You will need to use the invitation in your email to edit or add a post. 

3. BreakoutEDU - To  sign up go to  Click on Platform at top, then sign up. Fill in your information then using your code to create an account. You have access to all of the Physical Games, Digital Games and Digital Game Builder.  You can also add your class, and/or let students create games.   Copy this teacher's guide into your own Google account. You can either link to it from the WordPress post, or copy/paste it into your post.

 Using class novels: 

How Should I Use Novels in Class? - information on using novels in class
Fluency Matters, Teaching a Novel? Spice It Up! - ideas for teaching a novel
What to do when teaching a reader is failing? - ideas on how to students more engaged when reading.
How Comprehensible Must a Text Be? Marcos Benevides - Illustration of how unknown words affect reading fluency
Independent Language Novels - updated list of available novels with brief description

 After the novel:

The Story's Done, But Class Isn't Over - Activities for retells
Pre-Reading Resources:

How to Milk a Reading - from Mark Mallaney
 Breakout EDU Tools

Types of Puzzles/Clues - list of ideas
El nuevo Houdini - game from Carol Gaab OR see it here: Folder
Find Hasta la Sepultura by Kristy Placido in BreakoutEDU site, under Languages and User Generated. 
While reading:

Word Clouds as a Source of Comprehensible Input - Martina Bex shows how to use word clouds with reading
Chart of Instructional Activities - extensive list of ideas
 Extra ideas:

Example of Google form used for a digital BreakoutEDU.

Novel specific links:

Mis clases locas, Mix it Up! Reading TPRS Novels in Class - plans and ideas for teaching novels, including: Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro, Esperanza, Robo en la Noche, Felipe Alou, La Llorona de Mazatlán, La Calaca Alegre, Tumba, Cajas de Cartón.