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Fall Workshop 2017

NDE World Languages - Stephanie Call,  World Language Education Specialist

NILA/IWLA Learning Challenge for teachers - participate in a variety of professional development opportunities, earn a certificate or reduced fees to NILA.

 Resources for class:

Digital Stories (Martina Bex) - created by teachers with student responses to build more stories

Great Reading Project, Stories First (Dr. Krashen) - free story wiki

Si fueras tú - interactive series about 17 -year old girl, students/class can call to vote on her next move

Denver - short videos en español sobre la cultura latina

My Neighborhood - Arts, murals, cultural information
My Neighborhood Pilsen - immigration history and stories

Morat, Aprender a quererte - video
Aprender a quererte lyrics

El día en que todo se movió - digital book about Mexico earthquake

One Chance - short video follows one boy as he starts school and shows cultural connections

Ultimate list of movies for class - list of movies for different levels

Martina Bex - Current events - Puerto Rico, Mexico, y mas
 Teacher resources

Tea with BVP (BIll VanPatten) - Live podcast every Thursday on Second Language Acquisition
Bill Van Patten - Why learners have difficulty with ser and estar and how to solve it.
How Stories Configure Human Nature - we are born for stories

Classroom jobs - From Profe Peplinski

ACTFL - 2012 Proficiency Guidelines PDF

A Simple Subjunctive Trick - how to work in subjunctive phrases from day 1

How Comprehensible Must a Reading Be?

Games for CI Classrooms

Darcy Pippins - comments on AP exams and exceptional pass rates with CI

How being bilingual rewires your brain - video

Pixar offers free online lessons in storytelling

Latin American Authors reading from their own works
 Teacher Shared from the workshop

Bomba Estereo - Soy yo - teachers created a story to accompany the song with still clips for a moivetalk lesson

Señor Wooly Filmmaking Guide

from Jack - Snapshot of tenses - PDF and Emotions - PDF
 Technology resources:

WordsEye - create 3 -D

Jan's Pinterest Spanish Board - lots of shared ideas
NILA Conference 2017 - October 27 (Pre-Conf., NAT, dinner), October 28 - Millard North HS, 7:30 - 3:40
NILA Professional Learning Challenge - roll out Oct 28 at NILA

CCFLT 2018 - Feb. 8 - 10, 2018, Loveland, CO

iFLT Conference 2018 - July 2018, Cincinnati

NTPRS Conference 2018 - July 2018, Boston  

Vale Vale - class video
Hector Duarte video - pintor, muralista de Chicago 

Clothespin puppets - instructions and template