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World Language Workshop - Fall 2019

The most important language you'll ever learn - TED talk video

Reach the World - slide presentation from Christopher Ahearn

Nebraska Standards 2019 - lots of information
Teacher resources

Fluency Matters - Carol Gaab, online webinars, $19 and up, depending on length of access

Jon Cowart - Classroom management with CI Teaching - online training and coaching

Body and Voice Hacks - video with tips

TCI Class Diaries - Sarah Breckley - great ideas

Kid World Citizens - Sharing photos in class
Tech tools

Quick exit ticket - with 3 columns
List of resources - Jan's class songs - practice, game format
Teacher Shares

Michelle Kluver - Exit Ticket - online Google form

Tina Hargaden - Video and PDF on how to explain SLA to students.

NILA - October 11 & 12 (11th is half day optional)
iFLT - July 2020, Los Angeles area
NTPRS - July 2020, links to 2019, watch for updates