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Beyond PowerPoint

So What's Wrong with the Bullet List, Anyway? - Tuft contends that "slideware often reduces the analytical quality of presentations."  Sweller argued that expecting students to read text displayed on a screen, whilst simultaneously listening to a teacher, put undue cognitive demands on students. -
PowerPoint: What's Wrong with It? - Slideshows can divert attention from the teacher and focus it instead on the pictures, animations and bright screen.

Online Tools as Alternatives
    Some tools allow for non-linear progression through the information. They allow the teacher (or presenter) to focus on key points, repeat important information, add visuals as needed, and show an overview to help students (audience) get prepared. They are also useful as a review as students can access the presentation from anywhere, view the whole presentations at a glance or drill down into specific topics as needed.

Prezi - (Jan's Prezi Beyond PowerPoint)
Learn to use Prezi at this tutorial page.
How to create a great Prezi. Suggestions on how to organize and present information.
Plagiarism Prevention for Elementary Students
Elementary Introduction to Fossils
Who was George Washington? - introduction for elementary students
Chris Anderson TED Talk:
Ben Robinson's Ancient Rome - for history classes
Marc Cohen Overview of Programming Class - example of course overview information
Genres in Literature - overview for students
Maria Andersen How can we measure teaching and learning in mathematics?

Wordle -
Wordle is a graphic representation of words, also known as a 'word cloud.' Wordles can be generated from any text. Uses: visual poetry, content reviews, writing prompts, compare/contrast famous speeches or themes in literature, compare characters, share class overview, test reviews of content.
Create posters of favorite sports teams, character attributes, or use as a 'note card' for a speech.
Another word cloud creator is Tagxedo ( This site has more options, including shapes.
Wordle Ideas - ideas for use in K-6 classrooms
Top 20 Uses for Wordle - more ideas for students

Glogster -
A glog is an interactive poster than can be shared with others, and contain text, pictures, video, sound, and more. You can add your own audio and video as your create your glog.
Comparison of pricing structure. Basic level is free.
The Best of Glogs - top list posted by Glogster
What do 21st Century Students Like? - example glog

Animoto -
Animoto helps you or your students put together a video with your pictures, music and transitions.
Uses for classroom: create a PSA, illustrate a story, visual flashcards, field trip photo slide show, showcase student photos or artwork.
Comparison of pricing structure. Basic level is free.
Free Plus account for teachers. You have to apply. See also examples at bottom of page.
Sample videos
Using Animoto in the Classroom
Great Examples of Animoto