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April 15, 2015 Workshop

      ¿Puedo usar mi celular?
      El fin de semana

Padlet -  list of songs from Jan, but set up your own to organize sites, songs

TEESP - program we created for elementary... but might work for free reading resources.. especially 5th and 6th levels.

Big 7 Verbs - Terry Waltz talks about vital verbs

The Comprehensible Classroom - some great stuff here, teachers post every week with new videos, games, activities

iPhone call and responses - short greetings and responses - fun!

What's it Like Teaching a Split Class? - blog with questions and answers

Martina Bex - Movie Talk

Carol Gaab - books and free materials

Bryce Hedstrom - lots of resources

Nulu - from Jackie T

Language Volunteerism - from Kelly G
My Spanish Games - from Kelly G
Class Craft - from Kelly G
Rubric Writer Report - from Kelly G
Student Sentences - from Kelly G
Project Based Learning - from Kelly G
Mackin with the Mayas - from Kelly G
Aventura en América - from Kelly G
Nearpod - from Kelly G

NearPod - from Jennifer L

Movie Talks list - from Stacey B
Pictotraductor - from Stacey B

Seterra - map quiz game - from Cyndi B
Yabla  - videos  - from Cyndi B

News in Slow Spanish - audio current news

Some videos: free videos for culture
Alina Filipescu - high energy, using students actors in a story demo
CarPark video- here's a story by Karen Rowan, includes subjunctive forms

"I feel pretty stupid..." - Who said this about not knowing a 2nd language?

Your Brain Learns New Words by Seeing Them - article on brain research and learning
Lectura - Vital para aprender idiomas - article on importance of reading
TPRS jargon - a list of words specific to language learning

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