World Language Teachers Workshop Spring 2012


iFLT Conference - incredible comprehensive, hands-on conference showcasing comprehensible input techniques! (

CI Videos from teachers on SchoolTube - shared by Jason, lots of short videos by CI/TPRS teachers in the classroom demonstrating various techniques (or go to and search for DPS World Languages)

Check out Jan's YouTube Channel: (
I've posted popular music videos with lyrics, as well as student created and other videos that might be useful for your class.

Justo Lamas Concert with Ennio Emmanuel -- October 31, 2012, Neville Center, North Platte, Register on Justo's web site (

For current research in second language acquisition and education, check out The Backseat Linguist - it's a blog, so you can sign up to have it delivered to your email. There's a new post about twice a month, so it won't fill up your mail box. Worth reading!

Karen Rowan started a blog recording her daily lessons with a Spanish class, including word lists, stories, etc. Gives us a chance to 'peek' into her classroom and see her comments on how the lessons went.