September 2013 Workshop

Google Form Survey for workshop today... here.
Take a look at the spreadsheet side here.

Original songs created during workshop on Songs, Chants and Rhymes page.

Teach Like a Pirate - Card trick video (starts at about 17:00 into the video)

El Mundo de Birch - link to Music Database (will download as searchable in Excel or Pages)

VIDEO Stories
(Gracias, Printha)
I've written to the author, Angel Benito, to see if he will share the written script. If so, I'll post here too.

Diigo lists - updated periodically

CI Information - various sites, blogs, videos
TPRS Demo videos - various teachers with short videos
Class Ideas - collection of various ideas for use in class

Webinars, workshops

Webinars & Webversity training with Scott Benedict
TPRStorytelling - Carol Gaab
Fluency Matters - Language Lessons and Teaching Training - Carol Gaab
     Mandarin Language Sample lesson - click on Language Lessons
Jensen Learning - Brain Based Teaching
Fluency Fast - Karen Rowan's site, language classes, videos/on-line, books, articles
iJFLT - International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching - free, scholarly journey with great information

Child's choice rhyme:
De tin marin de do pingüe
Cucara Macará títere fue
Yo no fui, fue Tete
Pegale pegale con el punto del pie
For audio click here.