April 2014 Spring Workshop

 Berty Segal Presenting in Tennesee
Notes from Workshop

iFLT Conference in Denver, July 2014
iJFLT - International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching - quarterly


Teaching with Comprehensible Input - Teacher sites:

El mundo de Birch - lesson plans, tons of music ideas
Martina Bex, The Comprehensible Classroom - music, games, activities and lessons
Joseph Dziedic - videos of reading strategies in the classroom with students

Fluency Matters - Carol Gaab - online teacher training webinars

Embedded Reading - Laurie Clarcq - great ideas for student reading

More great sites for language and culture:

Una Vida Mejor - short (1 - 2 minutes) videos with positive inspiring messages. Scripts are available in English, but not in Spanish.

What languages sound like to foreigners - short video to demonstrate how language learners feel as they begin to learn a new language

A fun way to do error correction - example from Mrs. D.

Jan's wall of songs for students - email for lyrics, etc.

Short commercials:
Volkswagen VW
Mac  & Cheese, Amor prohibido

Cell texting Spanish abbreviations - list of shortcuts

Tech tools
Inklewriter - create your own interactive stories or have students do it (see examples below)
Poll Everywhere - quick live polls
QR Voice - record short snippets of a story, create a QR code, paste for students to scan and listen

Burrito Builder practice conjugating verbs and other vocabulary while building your burrito

Examples of interactive stories by students (on one of those...I only have 2 students in class days) with Inklewriter:
Interactive story from BLT
Los problemas de las mujeres
They can add pictures or clipart, just didn't have time in class.
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