World Language Teachers Workshop Fall 2012

Wallwisher - add ideas for tech training, and story ideas.

Today's Meet - Please use this page to take notes, ask questions, leave comments. It will be active for one month.

Textivate - Convert a story into parts for students to rearrange. (This link has a sample story to 'play' with; start new with your own text.)

Please fill out this workshop evaluation form before you leave today. Thank you!

Teaching Videos used today

Jan's YouTube Channel - video are sorted into categories

Denver Public School - videos from the classroom of CI teachers

iFLT 2012 - Link to presenter handouts and sites

Diana's Noonan's Beginning TCI handout as PDF

Embedded Reading - Laurie Clarcq's story sharing blog

Verbs in the top 505 - analysis by Bryce Hedstrom

Rivera Blog - Using iPads in Language

100 Most Used Words in Spanish

Training and Learning Opportunities

TPRS Teachers - website for teachers

Fluency Matters - webinars, materials, etc.

TPRStorytelling - webinars (some free), classes and more

CI Teachers - subscription with curriculum for Levels 1 - 4

Research on Language Education

Backseat Linguist - Research on language acquisition

Dr. Krashen - articles, research on language education
Some new resources:

StoryBird - create your own books

ToonBooks - create cartoons

CNN Student News - for students, in Spanish

Classroom posters from Kristy Placido - useful phrases for students

Nicknames in Spanish - based on character traits

Bookbox - select Spanish or Mandarin as site language, view and hear books in target language

Call Me Maybe (Quizás me llames) with lyrics video
Spanish version of popular songs with lyrics

Tontito Frito - YouTube stories

Interesting ways to use Internet in the classroom

New Tech Tools - a list of some exciting new tools

Mandarin Resources

Annick Chen's materials from 2010 - curriculum, stories and more

iPad - use the Apps store
Scribble Press