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World Language Teachers

September 2013 Workshop

October 2012 Workshop

Jan's YouTube Channel - videos are sorted into categories

Sharing Great Stories Wiki - This is our shared wiki for stories that you and your students can access for reading and contribute to in order to build a collection.

Comprehensible Input Links

Señor Wooly site - music, podcasts and more
Cuentos Tontos - ideas for and complete stories

TPRSTalk - discussion forum
Elementary Spanish, Leslie Davison - lots of resources

iFLT 2012 - Presenter handouts
Berty Segal Workshop - 2008 workshop video
Stephen Krashen on Language Acquisition - video
Stephen Krashen Site - articles on reading, acquisition

Justo Lamas Lyrics Training - online cloze activities with songs
Pie Pie Pie - and other learning songs

Reading and Activities
Bookbox - select Spanish as site language, hear stories
Toonbooks - read aloud in Spanish
Animated Face - In Spanish, select face parts.
Cuentos para dormir - audio stories and more
Clic Clic Clic - Interactive alternative versions of popular stories
Zunzún - from Cuba, rhymes, songs, games and more
Advinanzas - riddles with answers
Juegos educativos - games in different subject areas

News from around the world
Newseum - news from countries around the world
Mundo Hispano - news in Spanish
Azteca Deportes - reports on various sports in Mexico

Language Study
Language and Culture - language through cultural information
Nebraska Dept of Ed Languages

Conference web sites:

NILA - Nebraska International Language Association
iFLT - Internationl Forum on Language Teaching
CSC - Central States Conference
ACTFL - American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Technology Links
Student Treasures - Publish your own books of class stories.
VoiceThread - post video and audio and let others comment
Twitter - join and share your ideas

21 Signs You're a 21st Century Teacher - great ideas
Copyright Friendly Media - all kinds of media with generous use policies

Games in Education - Global issues