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Teaching with Comprehensible Input

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 Comprehensible Input Resources

What is TPR? Berty Segal - explanation, examples, and suggested lessons

CI Reading Strategies - list of pre and post reading strategies

Martina Bex - video showing circling and story-asking

Susan Gross - Acquisition vs Learning, working with grammar

Great Story Reading Project - free teacher-contributed stories in various levels (started with Dr. Krashen)

Embedded Readings - Laurie Clarcq
  Examples in English
  Michael Peto's Garcia Marquez readings

Spanish Cognate list - PDF for download

Written Story Retells made easy with PP

Teachers Pay Teachers - free and inexpensive resources (look for CI/TPRS or authors like Martina Bex)

Blair Richards - elementary French teacher, great blog
 Video and Music Resources

Señor Wooly - videos, online games & assignments, teacher resources

Martina Bex - songs with lessons

14 videos without words

Si paras sobre la sensa peatonal -  

Birdbox short videos

MovieTalk Database - started by Jason Fritze, lists lots of links to movies

Justo Lamas Karaoke - online or download player

Qlipo - with lyrics and activities

One Semester of Spanish Love Song - what one college student learned in a semester

ESU #16 Original chants and songs - ¿Puedo usar mi cellular? and Este fin de semana

TEESP, ESU #16 FLAP Project for Grades 1 - 6, includes Resources: Songs, chants, posters (iTunesU, use iTunes to view and download)
 For Teacher Learning

Dr. Krashen - speech at UNK

Tea with BVP - live and recorded sessions with Bill Van Patten

iFLT/NTPRS/CI Teaching - Facebook Group for all languages

Laurie Clarcq's site - embedded readings and more
Brain Breaks by Martina Bex

MovieTalk - explanation and examples

Demo of MovieTalk by Alina Filipescu

Martina Bex on MovieTalks

Alina Filipescu - video of class using CI

Books by Gabriela García Marquez    

LInda Li - short Mandarin beginning lesson
Señor Jordan, Comprehensible Spanish - short basic stories with graphics

Super Seven by Terry Waltz - information about high-frequency verbs

High-frequency verbs in German

High-frequency list in Spanish

Dreaming Spanish - short videos on wide variety of topics
 Cultural Resources

Mariachi - el grito - background and music

Children's rhymes - like Tin marín

150 years of Mexican and Mexican American history

Living on One - college students live several weeks in Guatemala on $1 a day

Flama (on Youtube) - preview videos before using

Ignite Chinese -

Integrated Learning Strategies - helping children listen more effectively, useful for brain breaks

Spanish Rejoinders PDF

QR Code Generator

ESU #16 Scope & Sequence Levels 1 and 2

ESU #16 Scope & Sequence Level 3

Schneeballschlacht - story listening demos by Dr. Beniko Mason, in German

MIchael Miller - embedded stories, German & Spanish

Sabine und Michael - Michael Miller web site


NILA - Nebraska Conference in October, also workshop list 
  Professional Learning Challenge - online courses

iFLT - in Denver in July 2018, register soon as places sell out early

NTPRS - in San Antonio in July 2018

ACTFL - national conference in November
Seal of Biliteracy for Students

Nebraska K-12 Foreign Language Frameworks - available for download and printing

Animal School video - every child is different and special

Amor por Mexico - children dancing video