NILA 2020 - Tools for Online Language Learning - links to resources from the presentation

Spring Zoom Meetings 2020 - bi-weekly Zoom meetings, link to Agendas for each meeting

March 11, 2020 - Spring Workshop with Stephanie Call - New Nebraska WL Standards, and local information for area teachers

April 15, 2015 Spring Workshop

 World Language Teachers Workshop
    Information and resources from previous workshops.

April 2, 2014 Spring Workshop with Berty Segal Cook

September 2013 Fall Workshop

Popular Music - A Powerful Tool
    Workshop for NILA Conference October 2011. Using popular music in the language classroom to build fluency and success.

Language Acquisition Techniques
    Workshop for ESU #11 Fall Conference 2011. From reading strategies and interactive activities to research-based assessment techniques, participants will learn how to increase comprehensible input and build language fluency in their students.

Beyond PowerPoint - 21st Century Presentations
    Workshop for ESU #11 Fall Conference 2011. Spice up your presentations with a variety of Web 2.0 Tools: Prezi, Wordle, Glogster, Animote and more. Your students will love these online tools for sharing information and collaborating with each other.

My notes: Music Videos used in Class - various YouTube videos
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