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    Mary was worried. It was October 31st. Tonight many children would come to the house for treats. Mary didn’t have any treats for the children. She had forgotten that today was Halloween. Mary had to go to the store and buy candy for Halloween.
    Mary quickly drove to Bing’s Supermarket. She walked into the store and looked for Halloween candy. But Bing’s Supermarket didn’t have any candy.
    Mary drove to Walmart. She ran into the store and looked for candy. But Walmart didn’t have any candy. She was really worried.
    Mary drove to Alco. She ran into the store and looked for candy. But Alco didn’t have any candy. Oh, no! Alco did have granola bars. Mary bought twenty two (22) boxes of granola bars.
    Mary drove home. She waited for the children. She waited one hour. She waited two hours. She waited three hours. But the children did not come to her house.
    The next day, Mary walked to her friend’s house and asked, “Why didn’t your children come to my house last night?”
    Her friend said, “You didn’t turn on your porch light. We thought you were gone.”
    Mary had a lot of granola bars to eat by herself.

was worried - estaba preocupada        tonight - esta noche        would come - vendría         treats - dulces

had forgotten - se ha olvidado            had to go - tuvo que ir      buy - comprar                    drove - manejó

didn't have any - no tenía                     ran - corrió                    waited - esperó            the next day - el día siguiente

didn't turn on - no encendiste            we thought - pensamos    you were gone - que no estabas en casa

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One Dark Halloween Night

    There was a boy. His name was Jeff. Jeff was 12 years old. He was very excited. Today was October 31st, Halloween!  For the first time, he was going trick-or-treating with his friends without parent supervision.
    At 7:00 p.m., Jeff’s friends, John and Barry, knocked on the door of his house.
    “Let’s go!” they both yelled.
    Jeff grabbed his big treat bag and yelled to his parents, “I’m going now!”
    The three boys walked down the street. They talked about which houses they would stop at to trick-or-treat.
    John wore a big black cape and big white teeth. He was Dracula, the vampire. John wore a wolf mask and a black leather jacket. Barry had dyed his hair bright red, and it stuck up in spikes on the top of his head.
    The three boys went to a house near Jeff’s house and knocked on the door. When the door opened, they yelled “Trick or treat!” The man in the house gave each of them a small chocolate candy bar. “Thank you,” the boys said.
    The boys went to five more houses on the street. At each house they yelled, “Trick or treat!”  At each house they were given chocolate candy bars.
    After the last house, Barry said, “This is boring! Let’s do something else.”
    John agreed, “Yeah! We can buy chocolate bars. Halloween is supposed to be exciting! And scary!”
    Jeff asked, “What are we going to do then?” He was a bit worried about the answer.
    Barry looked up the street. The last house on the street was big and hidden behind lots of trees and bushes. Children never went to that house on Halloween, or any other day. Jeff’s older brother had told him a story about children going to that old house on Halloween and never coming home. There was an old man who lived there, but no one ever saw him. 
    Barry looked at John and Jeff. Then he looked at the big, old house.
    “Come on,” he said. And he ran up the street toward the house.
    Jeff and John looked at each other. Then, they followed Barry.
    Barry stopped in front of the big, old house. Just then, a wind blew through the street shaking the leaves off the trees, and blowing them down the street. A gust of wind blew Jeff’s black cape off. The cape blew up in the air toward the house. The wind blew the cape up on the porch of the house. It fell to the floor.
    “Go get it!” said Barry to Jeff.
    “Uh, I, I don’t think I want to,” said Jeff.
    The three boys looked at the house. There were no lights in the house.
    “Okay. We’ll all go together,” said Barry.
    The three boys walked slowly toward the house. Just as Jeff picked up his cape, the front door blew open with a bang! The boys jumped in fright.
    Then Barry laughed, “It’s just the wind. Let’s look inside.” He moved to the open door and then stepped inside the house!
    Jeff and John waited. Then they heard a loud crash from inside the house. Barry yelled, “Oh, no!”
    Jeff and John looked in the door, but couldn’t see anything. It was too dark!
    Barry yelled, “Help me!”
    Jeff and John walked into the house and bumped into Barry who was lying on the floor. They helped him get up.
    “Are you all right?” they asked.
    “Yeah, I think so,” Barry replied. “But there’s sticky stuff all over my jeans. And what are these round things rolling around on the floor? They feel like eyeballs!”
    Suddenly, the front door slammed shut. The boys froze in place. In another room, the boys saw a flickering light. It was coming closer! Someone was coming closer holding a candle. In the faint light from the candle, Jeff looked at the floor and nearly screamed. All over the floor were round shiny objects, like eyeballs. He looked at Barry and saw something red and sticky on Barry’s jeans. Blood!
    Before they could move, the light from the candle came closer. They could a man holding the candle. His face was terrible with scars and blood.
    Then they heard a sound, “Ha, ha, ha.”
    The boys ran for the door. They tried to open the door, but it was locked. They turned around. The man was coming closer.
    Jeff listened to the strange sound, “Ha, ha, ha.” It sounded familiar. He recognized it. That was his older brother laughing! But where was he? Jeff looked at the man with candle. He realized the face was just a mask. This was his brother playing a trick on them! He grabbed the mask and pulled it off his brother’s face.
    The three boys breathed a sigh of relief. It was all a trick!
    Jeff’s brother had known they couldn’t resist going to the big, old house. He knew that the house had been empty for years. So he had come early. He had dropped some grapes on the floor (eyeballs) and spread some ketchup on the floor (blood). Then, he waited for them to show up.
    The three boys went back to Jeff’s house. They ate the candy from their bags and watched a scary movie on TV. But the movie wasn’t as scary as their own experience had been that dark Halloween night.

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