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Halloween and Día de Muertos

Let's talk about the differences and similarities between Halloween and Día de los Muertos.
Please complete the activities in the left side column below. Activities in the right side column we will do together in class.
1. What do you know about Halloween? Use our WALL to write a short note about Halloween activities.  (¿Qué conoce de Halloween? Use esta "Pared" y escriba una  nota de las actividades de Halloween.)

2. Watch a children's music video on Halloween.

3. Vocabulary Review using Flashcards

4. Read about Halloween - Read Part 1 of the article about Halloween.

5.  Find a costume and share information about what you find in this wiki: Costume information (You will need to log in with this login: esl  and the password: esl) Type your information in the comment box.

Now that you've read about Halloween, watched a video, and explored some costumes, complete the following activity.

6. Compare Halloween and Día de los Muertos using this Venn Diagram. Click on the link below to add to the diagram.

Halloween and Día de los Muertos

Word Cloud from www.tagxedo.com

Optional: Create a word cloud about
Día de Muertos using Wordle.

Reading and Listening Practice
Read or listen to these stories and then complete the activities.

Ready for Halloween?
Ready for Halloween? Activity

One Dark Halloween Night

One Dark Halloween Night Audio

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One Dark Halloween Night Activity
(PDF File will download to your computer. Print it and then complete the activity.)

Halloween Slide Show
For more information about Halloween, watch this slide show about Halloween.

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