Bill of Rights - First Amendment Evaluation

Teacher Page
Each group of students will prepare a short presentation about their assigned right from the First Amendment.
Presentations should include an explanation of the right, as well as several examples chosen from the provided web sites, or other examples from their own lives.

Since this class is not graded, the assessment will be for the teacher to determine how effective this webquest was in helping students learn about the First Amendment.

Teacher Rubric
Students were able to read the information provided. (Teacher provided English reading materials basic enough for ELL students.)
Students were able to restate the main points about the rights in the First Amendment. (Teacher provided a clear guideline and vocabulary to help students summarize what they learned.)
Students were able to show several (3 - 4) examples of the rights. (Teacher provided web resources that were easy to access, and clearly demonstrated examples of First Amendment rights.)
Students demonstrated an understanding of the rights of the First Amendment, as shown in class discussions. (Teacher supplemented vocabulary as needed to support discussions.)

Adequate (Needs revisions)
Students struggled to read the information provided. (Teacher provided materials were at too high a level of English for students to comprehend.)
Students had to use Spanish to restate the main points. (Teacher did not provide enough help and vocabulary.)
Students found only 1 or 2 examples, or did not connect examples to the rights. (Teacher provided resources were not clear or easy to access.)
Students demonstrated a minimal understanding of the rights. (Teacher did not provide enough vocabulary for students to express their ideas.)

In-Adequate (Needs major revising)
Students were not able to read the information provided. (Materials were not comprehensible to students.)
Students could not restate the main points in Spanish or English. (Teacher did not provide any help or support.)
Students did not connect any examples to the rights. (Teacher did not provide help for students to understand the rights, and examples.)
Students could demonstrate any understanding of the rights. (Entire webquest was incomprehensible to students.)