Learning Spanish


Los pollitos dicen - The chicks say (Video with subtitles)
A Tooty ta - Fun song with body parts(Video with subtitles)
La Granja - The farm (Video with subtitles)

Señor Wooly - video stories, use your login
Quizlet - flash card style sets of vocabulary with practice games (can use without signing up)

Duolingo - free language lessons

Textivate - practice reading our stories in a game-like site
    Quiere - Who wants chocolate?

Video stories
Mi Vida Loca - BBC video story for beginners

Flashcard stories
El gato tiene un problema - short story with basic vocabulary

Student created stories
El lobo come - short story about a hungry wolf
El muchacho triste - boy meets girl
Short stories - stories from students

Music Activities
Justo Lamas Lyrics Training - 3 levels of online cloze activities based on Justo's concert songs

Popular Latin Music - variety of songs

Holidays - information about festivals and holidays

Practice games
Digital dialects: - game to practice meaning and conjugation of verbs
Conjugemos - practice conjugating verbs in several languages.
Burrito Builder practice conjugating verbs and other vocabulary while building your burrito

Blubbr - for fun, watch the video and see if you can answer the questions

Rags to Riches  - Like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Stories on the web
TEESP Elementary Program - podcast stories for grades 1 - 6 with music resources, go to iTunes, Podcasts, search for TEESP

Expressions and sayings
Popular expressions - learn some popular expressions from Spanish-speaking countries

More resources
FluencyFast - books, online (recorded) classes, live classes in Denver, sometimes weekends
TPRSPublishing - books, a few free resources, and e-books with audio

Bookbox - Stories read aloud, be sure to select Spanish in the dropdown menu, lower right of video.

Children's Library - Read children's books in Spanish.

News in Slow Spanish - Read and listen to news articles.

WeGiveBooks - I suggest La llama llama

Songs to review vocabulary:
Me gusta bailar - I like to dance
Me gustas tú - I like you (includes some French)

¿Cómo es tu familia? - What's your family like?
La familia - Family vocabulary

Story Videos

Angel Benito - several video stories